Covid 19 Summer 2020 Return to Play FAQs

What about Mini Soccer?

  • Mini Soccer (Ages 3-8) will be offered as a FREE at home virtual program which families can particiapte in at home. More details to follow next week.

What about Senior Soccer?

  • At this time, based on the member survey - without league games there was very low interest for senior soccer. As the season goes on we will guage interest.

Do I have Credit?

  • If you have registered for summer soccer and didn't ask for a refund - you likely have credit towards these programs or future programs. The credit will be applied to your account by 5 pm and will be available to use on registration.

How much are sessions?

  • The club has worked very hard to try to bring the cost per session down as much as possible. There are a number of factors that have needed to be considered, but we are happy to announce that our fees will be $13.50 per session for the first 4 week cycle. 

    When you choose the number of sessions you want per week, these sessions will include all 4 weeks of the first cycle. So if you pick two sessions per week, then you will be paying for 8 in total (2 sessions per week x 4 weeks)

    • 1 Session Per Week - 13.50 x 1 (session per week) x 4 (number of weeks) = $54 total
    • 2 Sessions Per Week - 13.50 x 2 (sessions per week) x 4 (number of weeks) = $108 total
    • 3 Sessions Per Week- 13.50 x 3 (sessions per week) x 4 (number of weeks) = $162 total

What happens if soccer is cancelled?

  • If a session is cancelled for a rain out - the club will offer a virtual online session so players can still participate in soccer that night. If the program is cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions - there will be no refunds given. The club will offer credit where possible for future programs.