Covid 19 Summer 2020 Return to Play FAQs

What about Mini Soccer?

  • Mini Soccer (Ages 3-8) will be offered as a FREE at home virtual program which families can particiapte in at home. More details to follow next week.

What about Senior Soccer?

  • At this time, based on the member survey - without league games there was very low interest for senior soccer. As the season goes on we will guage interest.

Do I have Credit?

  • If you have registered for summer soccer and didn't ask for a refund - you likely have credit towards these programs or future programs. The credit will be applied to your account by 5 pm and will be available to use on registration.

How much are sessions?

  • The club has worked very hard to try to bring the cost per session down as much as possible. There are a number of factors that have needed to be considered, but we are happy to announce that our fees will be $13.50 per session for the first 4 week cycle. 

    When you choose the number of sessions you want per week, these sessions will include all 4 weeks of the first cycle. So if you pick two sessions per week, then you will be paying for 8 in total (2 sessions per week x 4 weeks)

    • 1 Session Per Week - 13.50 x 1 (session per week) x 4 (number of weeks) = $54 total
    • 2 Sessions Per Week - 13.50 x 2 (sessions per week) x 4 (number of weeks) = $108 total
    • 3 Sessions Per Week- 13.50 x 3 (sessions per week) x 4 (number of weeks) = $162 total

What happens if soccer is cancelled?

  • If a session is cancelled for a rain out - the club will offer a virtual online session so players can still participate in soccer that night. If the program is cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions - there will be no refunds given. The club will offer credit where possible for future programs.



Where is the office located?

The office is located at 75 MacDonald Ave in the Burnside Industrial Park, next to Metal Supermarkets. 


What are the office hours and how do I contact the office?

Office hours change depending on the time of year, so please check the website, call or send an email to confirm. You can reach us by phone: 902-404-UDFC (8332)  or email:

How can I get more involved with the team or club?

If you are interested in volunteering with the club as a coach, team manager or in another role, please indicate on your child’s registration form, and contact

What does the new logo represent?

The new United DFC logo has a classic, clean look which incorporates the new club colours and the water represents the ties that all of the United DFC communities have to the water.

I am not receiving information/emails? What can I do?

If you are not getting any emails from the club, please email or call 902-433-3872 and we will help resolve the issue. Often it is something as simple as a misspelled email in the registration system which can be easily fixed.


Will there be in an in person registration session?

If you prefer to register in person, you can come to the office any time during office hours to register. In person registration will also be available during the Come Try Soccer and at community registration events. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to stay informed on times and locations.

What age group should my child be playing in?

Please review the List of programs for Summer 2019.

How can I pay for my child's program?

Online registration requires payment through credit card or the set up of payment plan with first payment due at registration. (NOTE: Payment plans can now be set up through online registration) You can also pay in person by registering at the office by debit, credit, cheque or cash.

Can I play with my friends?

All mini and community team players are able to select the community in which they wish to play as well as submit ONE friend request. We will do our best to accommodate all requests submitted prior to the start of programs. Skill Center players will be part of a program with other players born in the same year. Teams in the skills center program will change throughout the season.  Performance players will be placed on teams by technical staff. Those teams are not built on friend or community requests.

Does it matter which location I choose for the mini or community programs?

Mini and community players are able to choose the community in which they would like to play (Dartmouth, Cole Harbour or Eastern Passage). However, if you have no preference on which community you would like to play in, you can select that option and we will place the player in one of the 3 communities.

Are there payment plans or financial assistance available?

Financial assistance is available through programs such as JumpStart and KidSport. Some support may also be available at the club level upon request on a case by case basis. Please contact the office at 902-433-3872 or

Is there a discount if I have multiple children in the club?

We offer sibling discounts for the 3rd and 4th sibling. The 3rd sibling will receive $35.00 off of their registration fee and the 4th sibling will receive a free registration (lowest registration fee of the siblings up to $300.00).

What is the refund policy?

United DFC’s refund policy includes everything from immediate withdraw, program cancellation, medical reasons/injury, moving out of area.


Please review full details on what equipment and clothing is required for each age level.

What footwear does my child need for grass fields? Turf? School gyms?

For turf and grass fields we recommend cleats. At the mini level, sneakers can be worn but cleats are highly recommended. When players attend training in school gyms they must wear sneakers or flat soccer shoes (no cleats on the bottom).

How do I purchase the required/recommended training and game clothing?

Shorts, training shirts and socks can be purchased during online registration or from the office during office hours. Tracksuits are available for purchase at the office in limited sizes and can be ordered if we don't have your size.

What happens if my child doesn’t make a performance team and I already purchased the gear needed for a different program?

If a player registers for U9-12 Prospects but is then placed at the U10 or U12 Community level, the club will exchange the unworn navy Adidas shorts and socks for the black and give a refund for the difference. Parents may also wait to see where their child is placed before purchasing the shorts and socks.

Why were these shorts and socks selected?

The navy Adidas Regista shorts and navy Adidas Santos socks were selected for their quality, price and availability for the next 4 years. This means players may not need to purchase the shorts or socks every year. In the Under 10/12 Community leagues, our United DFC teams will play one another so they have different jersey colours. Each United DFC U10/12 team will wear the same style jersey, in a different colour, with black Admiral socks and shorts.

Why are you collecting a deposit cheque for the jersey?

Deposit cheques are only cashed to cover replacement costs if a jersey is not returned at the end of the season. Players have the option to pay with a post dated cheque and return the jersey each season or pay a permanent deposit (cash or credit) which will be kept on file. Mini players may keep their Tim Hortons uniform at the end of the season.

Where can I buy additional club clothing?

We love to see our fans and players wearing our club colours. Any club clothing not mentioned in the Equipment requirements noted above is optional. There will also be an online store set up in the near future. Keep an eye on our website and social media for details!


Where can I find the game schedule?

Game schedules are found on NSSL website.

Senior B and C Men play in the MSMSL.

Senior B Women will play in the MSWSL.

Premiership Men and Women will play in the NSSL.

Ladies 7 Aside play in the Citadel Women 7-Aside League.

When is the Summer program starting?

Training for all programs and teams will begin before games. See the program description for estimated program start times.

What days will my child play?

There have been substantial changes to the leagues this year. At this time, it is not known when most games and sessions will take place. As much as possible the club tries to give consistent training nights.

What if I miss practices and games?

Life sometimes gets in the way. Please let your coaches know when you will be missing practices or games. If you are in the prospects or performance stream, and you will be missing significant numbers of practices of games, then please contact the Technical Directors.

What is my commitment level expected to be?

This depends on which program the players sign up for. If a player is placed on a prospects or performance level team, it is expected that soccer will be a priority. At the community level, it is understood that soccer may not be the player's first priority but the coach must still be notified when a player will be absent. Every player is expected to give the coach at least 48 hours notice if they will miss a game or practice so the coach can plan accordingly.

How do I know if fields are closed?

The club and or your teams individual coaches/managers will email team members in the event a practice or game is cancelled. You can also look up HRM field closures which are updated by 3:00 pm daily throughout the summer season.

Where are the fields located?

Field locations and directions can be found on the HRM website.


What is the difference between Community and Prospect/Performance program?

Community is a program for players who want a more relaxed, fun environment where they are able to play with their friends, in their local community. Players looking for a program with more emphasis on development and skills then a prospects or performance team might be the right choice. Prospects and performance teams will not necessarily be based in your local community and will ask for more commitment and higher skill level than community. You can chat with the Technical Directors if you are unsure which is the best fit.

Should my child play U8 Skills Center or Community?

This depends on what the player's/ family's goals are for the season. If the players are looking for a more relaxed, fun environment where they are able to play with their friends in their community, then the community/ recreation level may be for them. The U8 Community/ Recreation program takes place during weeknights and rarely has soccer on the weekends. If the player/ family is looking for more emphasis on skill development and are available for weekend jamborees then Skills Centers may be the right choice. You can chat with the Technical Directors if you are unsure which is the best fit for your child.

My child is a U9 player why might s/he be playing on the U10 team?

Yes, they might. At the community level there are 2 birthyears in a single group. For examples, the U10 age group has U9 and U10 players.

What is the placement process?

Please refer to the team selection and placements process.

What is balancing?

Balancing is the process of creating appropriately balanced teams. This often happens when we have 2 or more teams at an age group/ level. A number of factors will be considered when balancing teams and decisions will be made by the Director of Soccer with the support of the club technical committee.


What is a Technical Director?

A Technical Director is a paid staff person who oversees the soccer side of the club. This means they are involved through the club at all levels. In their job descriptions they are assigned to plan and create the programs, select the teams, help with coach and player develop, create long-term soccer plans and visions, plus much more. Very simply, if it involves soccer, the Technical Directors will be involved.

How do I communicate with coaches?

At the beginning of the season, your individual team coach and or manager will send a team introductory email and let you know the best form of communication for the season. This may be different across teams so please go by what your coach requests. We do recommend the 24 hour rule where we ask players & parents who are upset to wait 24 hours before contacting the coach about the issue. We also encourage parents & players with concerns to contact the club and coaches with their concerns so we can address them.

Who do I contact if I have a concern with a coach?

If players or parents have a concern with a coach, they are asked to wait 24 hours and then contact the coach to deal with the issue directly. If the player or parent feels uncomfortable approaching the coach, they are asked to contact the Director of Soccer after waiting the 24 hour cool down period. If the concern is with the Director of Soccer, the player or parent may contact the club president -

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