United DFC Spectator Management Winter 2021-22

United DFC Spectator Management Winter 2021-22


We are excited to announce that spectators will be permitted to attend games and practices for the 2021/22 Winter Season. We ask that you follow the guidelines and procedures that have been established to ensure the safety of our players, team staff and spectators.

Each United DFC team is required to designate a Proof of Vaccination (POV) Representative.

NSSL spectator information please CLICK HERE.

For more on spectator information for the BMO Soccer Centre please CLICK HERE




1. Are spectators permitted to watch games or exhibition games?


Yes, with encouraged limited capacity.


Soccer NS BMO Centre - As a club we ask that spectators be limited to only 2 persons per player.


East Coast Varsity - Due to limited spectator space and number of participants, we ask that spectators be limited to only 1 person per player.

More spectators than the recommended limits above are permitted but United DFC would encourage the limits proposed as space is limited.


2. Are spectators permitted to watch practices?


Individual teams will decide whether they will allow spectators at practices.


3. Do spectators have to wear masks on entry, while watching, and on exit from the facilities?


Yes, they must wear masks while inside facilities at all times.


4. Who will be responsible for verifying Proof of Vaccination (POV)?


All teams are responsible for identifying a Team POV Representative (Parent Volunteer or Team Manager) to ensure that POV checks are conducted. This Team POV Representative will need to provide their own POV to a member of the Team Staff (Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager ) for verification prior to spectators being able to attend the first game. This POV representative should identify a backup representative that can undertake their responsibilities in case of absence. The Team POV Representative can verify the POV for the backup person.


5. How do I volunteer to be a Team POV Representative?


Please reach out to your team’s coach and manager expressing your interest and show your POV per the above.


6. When are spectators permitted entry to the facility?


Spectators must show up within the time window designated by the Team POV Representative. The maximum permissible window will be no earlier than 10 minutes prior to game start time and no later than 15 minutes after start time. The Team POV Representative can set a shorter window so that they are able to participate as a spectator.


Spectators that show up outside of the designated window set by the Team POV Representative will not be permitted entry.


Spectators are also asked to exit the building 15 minutes after the game has concluded to allow the next set of spectators to enter the area.


7. Does the Team POV Representative need to track those who are in the facility?


No, they just need to check each spectators POV for United DFC only. The Team POV Representative does not need to verify the other teams' spectators. Based on phase 5 of the reopening plan, there is no need to track attendees, we only need to verify their POV. There are no gathering limits for events hosted by a business or organization (like arts and culture events, festivals, special events, sports, performing arts, weddings, funerals and faith gatherings). However, if the Team POV representative would like to track UDFC spectator attendance for their record, they are welcomed too. Please cooperate.


8. As a spectator, should I be prepared to provide my POV at all times while in the facility?


Yes. It is important to appreciate that all spectators must be prepared to provide their POV at each and every game they attend in the event that the province conducts a spot check. The POV representative may not need to verify each person at each game but in the event of a spot check, spectators need to be able to show their POV.


9. As a Team POV Representative, how do I manage an individual who refuses to provide a POV?


In the event that a Team POV Representative encounters an individual who refuses to provide their POV, we do not want our team POV representatives to engage these persons. The Team POV Representative will need to report this incident to the facility contact and contact UDFC asap via davidc@udfc.ca. If the individuals are hostile or aggressive, the police should be called.


10. Will the spectator areas be disinfected or sanitized between games?


No. If you attend as a spectator, this must be understood. The onus is on each spectator to disinfect their hands, follow proper hygiene practices and not attend if they are feeling unwell.