UDFC Wish List and Give Aways

As a not for profit volunteer soccer club, there are things we would love to have, but would never buy. If you know of anyone looking to donate the items listed under “Wish List” please let us know!

Occasionally, we will outgrow something we have and will offer it to our members on this page as well. Please view the items listed under “Give Aways”.

Email: info@udfc.ca

Phone: 902-404-8332

UDFC Wish List:

  • We are looking for flights and accommodations that could help us build a prize to offer as a way to sell tickets to reduce personal registration fees.
  • Laptop and Desktop Computers
  • Flat Screen TV (for UDFC Classroom)
  • Prizes/Gifts/Donations (for coach/volunteer appreciation – if you have something nice or practical that a coach or volunteer may like, please bring it in).
  • Camp Prizes – Any new item for camp prizes are always welcome


Give Aways: