UDFC Weekly Off Field Program - PRIZES!


The Challenge

Every week we are off the field, UDFC will be posting a weekly program consisting of 5 different challenges. 1 Technical/Skill based, 1 Juggling, 1 Intellectual, 1 Fitness & 1 Creative challenge.

Your job is to complete 1 of each challenge at which ever level you choose! Every time you complete a week, you can be entered into a draw to win a prize! 

NEW WEEK - Week #5 PDF Download Including Working YouTube Links - CLICK HERE

**All Week #5 entrants will be invited to an online Zoom meeting with the Halifax Wanderers, Scott Firth on June 2nd! All you have to do is enter! The Zoom link will be sent out on Monday June 1st**

Week #4 PDF Download Including Working YouTube Links - CLICK HERE

Week #3 PDF Download Including Working YouTube Links - CLICK HERE

Week #2 PDF Download Including Working YouTube Links - CLICK HERE

Week #1 PDF Download Including Working YouTube Links - CLICK HERE

What Do I Have To Do?

You have 1 week to complete 1 of each of the 5 challenges. You can complete whichever level is best suited to challenging you, and you can do different levels for different topics. So if you complete Apprentice at juggling, and Professional at creativity, that is perfectly fine!

If you are unsuccessful, or do not reach your goals on the challenges, that is okay as well! You can still submit your completed form. All we ask is that you attempt a challenge and try your best!

If you need help, all your UDFC coaches are just a email away and would be more than happy to help. If you are unsure of your coach's email or don't have a coach yet, you can email our Director of Soccer, Adam Miller at dos@udfc.ca and he will help!

The pictures and their links on this page, will not work. Please download the PDFs (linked at the bottom of the week) to be able to reach YouTube links & print.

How Do I Win a Prize?

Once completed, put a tick or initial in the boxes in the bottom corner of the challenge, add your name at the top of the page, take a picture of the completed form and send the picture of completed form to BaL@udfc.ca.

All submissions will be entered into a random draw done every Sunday! If your name is not drawn, then your entry stays in the draw for the following week. The more weeks you complete, the more entries you will have. 

Submission Deadline for every week is Sunday at 5pm. A new week starts every Monday at 9am. Send your submission to BaL@udfc.ca

To be eligible to win a prize, you do need to be registered for the Summer 2020 season with UDFC. This can be done completely for free HERE. If you want more information on registration, you can find it HERE or email info@udfc.ca & dos@udfc.ca

What Are The Prizes?

Every week we will give out 3 prizes. Each is a $25 gift certificate to either Palladium OR Coras. You can choose which one you would like!

We will contact all winners to get their preference and then mail your prize to your door!

Our prizes have been donated by an anonymous sponsor. If you would like to sponsor this program, please contact Susan Steele at susans@udfc.ca.

Week #5 - Submitted to BaL@udfc.ca by 5pm on Sunday May 31st

Week #5 PDF Download Including Working YouTube Links - CLICK HERE


Replace the juggling with the activity below:



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