UDFC Jersey-4-Life Program

Based on member feedback and considerable discussion regarding jerseys, we reviewed our current management process and determined we needed a new program that would offer the following benefits:

  • Reduce the considerable time and effort required of the Equipment Managers, Coaches and Managers to assemble, pick-up, distribute, exchange and collect all the jerseys each season;

  • Provide you, our members, with a method to ensure you have a “best fit” jersey;

  • Create a culture recognizing the importance of individual ownership and responsibility;

  • Minimize your Staff’s administrative time spent managing jerseys throughout the year, when they can be concentrating on program delivery;

  • Eliminate the need for jersey deposit collection as our members preferred multiple Jersey Deposit methods: Cash, Credit or Post-dated Cheque or none at all; which made tracking the deposits difficult;

  • Reduce Operational costs associated with housing inventory; and

  • Extend the life of the custom Navy Adidas jersey for as long as possible.


United DFC is excited to present a new jersey program called “Jersey-4-Life”.

Starting with this winter’s registration, UDFC will be asking all players that wear the UDFC Adidas navy jersey for a one-time payment of $60 to purchase their “Jersey-4-Life”.   This means that a player will purchase a navy jersey for $60 and keep that jersey for the rest of their UDFC youth playing career. When the player outgrows the navy jersey, it can be brought into the office and switched for a larger size in the same number for no charge. When the player has finished playing soccer, UDFC will offer a “buy back” for their Adidas navy UDFC jersey in good condition for $20, provided the club will be utilizing this jersey for at least one year after the jersey is returned.  With this program, and with your help in maintaining the jerseys in good shape, UDFC plans to keep using our current Adidas navy jerseys for another 4- 5 more years (8-10 seasons).

Benefits for you:

  • No more hassle of arranging for jersey deposit cheques

  • Players own their jerseys

  • Best Fit jersey

  • Avoiding the inconvenience of jerseys needing to be returned between seasons

The Jersey-4-Life Program affects the following programs:

  • Under 7/8/9/10/11 Skill Centres;
  • U12 A & B;
  • U13-18 A & B;
  • U13 AA, U15AA/AAA & U17AAA; and
  • Others as designated.


What services or support does United DFC have in place to help with registration fees?

Great question.  We’ve implemented a number of features within our club.  The main feature of soccer registration fees is that they incorporate all practices and games.  Unlike other sport programs, teams do not have to establish team budgets and raise funds for these services.

  1. We have introduced the 50/50 monthly fundraiser through Experience Fundraising that allows an individual or family to sell 50/50 tickets electronically with proceeds towards your family’s soccer registration (including the “Jersey-4-Life” program). There is no limit to the amount of funds you can raise.  Even if you do not play winter soccer, you could be raising funds now for summer season.

  2. We have implemented easily selectable payment installment plans to help spread the cost over a longer period.  The Jersey purchase fee can be paid over these same installments.

  3. We are creating a Financial Assistance Policy that will be issued in the coming months, that offers our members guidance on the method to request funding when needed.

What about players who don’t wear the Adidas navy UDFC jerseys?

Our Mini players (U3-U8 community) wear Timbit uniforms that are donated by Tim Hortons so are exempt from this program. Our U10/12 Community summer players that play in the local league don’t wear the UDFC Adidas navy uniforms because they play other UDFC teams in the same league.  We will continue with a jersey deposit system for this program as they are only used in the summer months. When those players graduate into a program that wears the navy jerseys (skills centres and U13B and older) then they will be asked to purchase a navy “Jersey-4-Life”.

What about those players that require the Green Alternate Dry fit jerseys?

Just like players are asked to purchase and wear the navy dry-fit training shirts for $20, players will be required to purchase a green dry-fit alternate numbered jersey for $20 that they will keep. Like the training shirts, a new alternate will not need to be purchased until it is worn out or the player outgrows it. This way, every UDFC player who wears a navy jersey will also have a matching green alternate.

The following programs will require participants to purchase the green Alternate Shirt:

  • Under 9/10/11 Skill Centres;
  • U12 A & B;
  • U13-18 A & B;
  • U13 AA, U15AA/AAA & U17AAA; and
  • Others as may be designated.

What happens when players have the same numbers?

In the Skill Centre programs, players are permitted to have matching numbers.  On the older teams, different jersey numbers are required; therefore if you need a different number or if parents want their children to have unique numbers, the jersey can be exchanged at the office for no cost to get a jersey with a different number. If you have to change numbers, UDFC will also exchange a green dry-fit alternate (in good condition) for the proper number.

What happens if my child loses or damages their jersey?

No change from the current program.  Currently, if a player loses or damages a jersey, they must pay for the replacement before the player is given another. With the “Jersey-4-Life” program, when a player loses or damages a jersey, they must purchase a new “Jersey-4-Life” for $60.

My older child owns a “Jersey-4-Life” and doesn’t want to play anymore. Can I give it to my younger child or nephew?

Yes, the jersey belongs to you. You may pass it onto another player who would then own it for life or we will buy back the jersey for $20 (if the jersey is in good condition).

My child only wants to play summer soccer. Do I return the jersey?

Not necessarily. You have the option to sell back the jersey for $20 at any time, however you will need to re-purchase the jersey for $60 should your child opt to play again. If your child plans to play the following summer it may make more sense to hold onto the jersey until the next season. This way, if they decide not to play at that time, you can always sell the jersey (in good condition) back to the club at that time for $20.

Will the club change jerseys and I will be stuck with an old jersey?

UDFC designed and purchased our Adidas navy jerseys in 2018 to be used for at least 5-6 years (10-12 seasons). As we get closer to 2023, we will examine our inventory and decide if we are going to replace the jerseys and select a new jersey design or continue with the same jersey. Closer to 2023, the club “buy back” fee of $20 may decrease.  When the jerseys are replaced, it is anticipated that we will begin another “Jersey-4-Life” program.

My child plays Mini Timbits Soccer or U10/12 Community Soccer and doesn’t have an Adidas navy jersey or green alternate. Could I buy my child a “Jersey-4-Life” or may I buy one for myself as a parent to wear to games and special events?

Certainly, all of our UDFC members are important and are welcome to participate in the “Jersey-4-Life” program for $60 (pending size availability) or purchase a green alternate for $20.  It is very easy to replenish our inventory of green jerseys but the navy inventory is limited.

What happened to the online permanent jersey deposit of $80 I paid as part of the  Summer 2019 registration? 

As fewer than one in ten players of our club took advantage of this program, we will be returning the $80 jersey deposit to those players who participated.  Moving forward, we will require all players who wear navy jerseys to partake in the “Jersey-4-Life” program starting with this winter’s registration.

Why are we doing this?

There are a number of reasons, including:

  • Many people no longer have cheques for jersey deposits

  • Administrative and time consuming process for both players and staff.  In particular, it is a considerable burden on volunteer coaches and managers to deal with the jersey process (including jersey deposits, managing sizes, managing numbers, collecting jerseys, etc.). We would like to take this burden away from our volunteers who already do so much.

  • It is extremely difficult and inefficient to distribute and collect 120 + sets of jerseys in the right size and numbers twice a year. It makes for a very hectic pre-season and we feel our members will be better served for the office and technical staff and volunteer equipment managers to be available for member support rather than making uniform sets.

  • Players will always have a jersey that fits and can get the proper size when they outgrow their current “Jersey-4-Life”.

  • We will be passing on program savings thereby helping to ensure registration fees remain more consistent from year to year.

  • Unfortunately, every year we lose a few jerseys. This costs the membership money. With “Jersey-4-Life”, all members are responsible for their own jerseys and none will be lost.