UDFC @ Halifax City Soccer Celebration

UPDATE (October 16 as of 6 pm):

U13-15 will be 11 A-side (not 9 like previously mentioned)

  • U16-18 Boys - Sold out
  • U16-18 Girls - Spots available
  • U11/12 Boys - Spots available
  • U 11/12 Girls - Sold out
  • U13-15 Boys - Spots available
  • U13-15 Girls - Only 2 spots left

We are still accepting players in the other age groups until Sunday at 11pm

City is going to have a ticket system so parents can watch.

Please find all of the rules, schedules and ticket information: https://spark.adobe.com/page/PXWdyYgUreG2d/


We have another exciting opportunity to offer you. Halifax City Soccer Club has offered us the chance to join them in their Soccer Celebration and give our players more opportunities to play in some real games!

...and you as parents could have the opportunity to watch them play - stay tuned for more details.

Please read below for more information. If you are interested in taking part, please register before 11pmOctober 18, 2020 - . Spots are limited - if you are interested register early as the tournament is only available on a first come, first serve bais. 

You can register here.

What is it?

A simple exhibition tournament, designed to give the players more on-field game time in a period of time when competition is rare. The tournament is not designed to have winners or losers, but rather to give players a chance to play. For the younger age groups, fun and friendly competition is the main goal. For the older age groups, the goal is the same, however Halifax City will also be inviting University coaches to watch and potentially scout as well.

When is it?

The weekend of October 23rd, 24th & 25th. Games will be played between UDFC and Halifax City teams, with all teams playing a minimum of 3 exhibition games.

Where is it?

Halifax Mainland Commons Turf - These are the two outdoor turf fields behind the Soccer Nova Scotia building.

The Teams

The teams will NOT be aligned with our current Fall 2020 season rosters. Halifax City will be mixing and balancing their teams within each age group, and have asked we do the same. This means that after we have filled all our open slots, we would make balanced teams from all the registered players.

The age groups are slightly different to normal. Age groups are for both males and female players.

These are:

U9 & U10 combined - 2012 & 2011 birth years - 8 players per team (5-aside) games on Saturday and Sunday

U11 & U12 combined - 2010 & 2009 birth years -  15 player per team (9-aside) games on Saturday and Sunday

U13, U14 & U15 combined - 2008, 2007 & 2006 birth years - 15 players per team (9-aside) games on Saturday and Sunday

U16, U17 & U18 combined - 2005, 2004 & 2003 birth years - 18 players per team (11-aside) - one game a day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The tournament will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Spots are very limited, so if you would like your child to play, make sure you sign up fast!

Coaches for the tournament will depend on coach availability. Once we have teams, we will assign coaches to each group for the weekend.

What does it Cost?

U9 & U10 - $30

U11, U12, U13, U15 & U18 - $40

What do we get?

Each team will have 3 exhibition games, across the 3 days. 

Every player will be guaranteed at least a minimum of 50% of each game, likely more based on the maximum number of players.

Clashes With UDFC In-House League

This tournament does coincide with the first day of our UDFC In-House League. However, both schedules will be made to make sure no age groups overlap. The expectation will be that players involved with the In-House league and the Halifax City tournament attend both. 

Further Questions

If you have further questions please contact Adam Miller at dos@udfc.ca and Kelly Legatto at Kellyl@udfc.ca