United DFC Programs

Regular Programming - available Summer 2021


Available to kids ages 3 to 8, our mini program is part of Timbits Canada Soccer. It is designed to develop basic soccer skills, fair play, and sportsmanship in a fun atmosphere full of games and activities.

Skill Centre

Skill Centre programs are designed to provide players ages 7-11 with a fun, social experience that continues to grow a love for soccer as well as continuing to teach the basic skills, and tactics of soccer. Practices will be based on the Skill Centre model where the players are split into groups each week, playing a series of games and drills to develop soccer skills. 

Community (Recreational) 

Community is a program for players ages 10-18 who want to play competitive games in a more relaxed, fun environment where they are able to play with their friends, in their local community.

Pre-Performance (U12 A)

This program is designed for players who intend to graduate into the performance pathway. This stream demands more commitment from players in comparison to the community/recreation stream. This is considered a foundation program and adheres to the Learn to Train phase of the Long-Term Athlete Development model.


Designed to meet the needs of players ages 12 -18 that desire a more challenging and competitive playing environment. Our main goals for our competitive team program is to help each player reach their maximum potential with regards to soccer, in the best possible environment.


All our senior teams are self-managed 

Adult Kick Around

Availability and opening of the Adult Kick around TBD

High-Performance Training

Following the success of the first, invite-only, High-performance training Skill School Program this winter we are delighted to launch Phase Two - with more added benefits for our dedicated players.