Uniform/Training Clothing Requirements


U7/U8/U9/U10/U11 Skills Centers:

  • All players are required to wear outdoor soccer cleats and have shin guards/pads when playing.  Indoor running shoes or soccer shoes are required for gym floors when training inside in the spring or winter.
  • Players are expected to have their own size 4 (U13B and down) or size 5 ball (13A and up) to practice at home. The club will provide balls for practices.
  • The players expected to wear club-approved Adidas Navy shorts and Navy soccer socks. Available for purchase on our online store here or at the UDFC office.  
  • Families of U12 and older performance will purchase a navy UDFC “Jersey-4-Life” for $60. Click here to learn more about the Jersey-4-Life program. and an Alternate green jersey for $20.
  • Skill Centre players, U8-U11 will be required to purchase a Navy dry-fit training shirt and the Electric dry-fit training shirt for $20 each. These will be sufficient for games and are available for purchase here.
  • Club-approved tracksuits and club clothing are available for purchase here but are optional for U12 A/B and U13+ levels A and B.  Requirement for tracksuits at levels AAA and AA will be a team decision.
  • At the Performance level, players are asked to wear club training shirts to practice which are available for purchase here.