Fall 2020 Season Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Hello UDFC Members, 


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Fall 2020 at UDFC. We are excited to be able to continue our practices on the pitch, as well as adding a competitive side with our In-House League. While things will continue to be shaped differently in order to adhere to our new normal, we want to ensure that your time on the pitch feels as normal and relaxed as possible while also keeping all our players safe as our number one priority.


Before we get to the details, it is important to note that while we have loosened some of our protocols, we still have a number of them in place. Therefore, we please ask you to read through the information below thoroughly, to fully understand the club's processes and protocols with respect to our COVID-19 Fall 2020 Plan. 


We are looking for one Team Manager/Parent per group to manage the players during entrance and exit. The Team Manager/Parent will be the only non-coaching staff adult allowed in the facility during each session. The team parent is only responsible for their group. Please email your coach if you are interested in being the team parent for your child’s group.



For Week #1 (October 12th-October 18th) we ask all players to ONLY attend their ECV practice for Week #1. You can find this practice at the bottom of your Team List at the link below. 


It is critical that you read and follow the processes.


Below you will find the following information:

  • Your Team
  • Schedule, Cycles & Dates
  • Processes & Protocols
    • Essential Pre-Program Player Training
    • The Attestation Processes
    • Field Entry/Exit Protocol
  • Field Maps

Your Team or Group

At some point between October 7 and Sunday, October 10th, you should receive an email from the coach of your team or group. The email will contain an introduction from your coach and the specific information about your team’s practice. However, a lot of that information can be found in this email.


Schedule, Cycles & Dates

Please see the link below for the Team Lists & Schedule for our Fall 2020 season.


Our practice season will commence on Monday, October 12th and will conclude on Sunday, December 20th. 


*IMPORTANT NOTE* For Week #1 (October 12th-October 18th) we ask all players to ONLY attend their ECV practice for Week #1. You can find this practice at the bottom of your Team List at the link above. Starting Week #2 (October 19th) our regular schedule will start at Soccer Nova Scotia and continue through until the end of the Fall 2020 season.


Our In-House league will commence on Saturday, October 24th and conclude on December 12th. There will be an information email sent to all in-House league registrants on Wednesday, October 14th.



Covid -19 Processes & Protocols


The Attestation Process

Every single player MUST complete an Attestation Form for every individual entry to the field.  There are no excuses and entry will be denied to any player until they have completed the form. This is to ensure the safety of our players, coaches and staff members. 


The form will be sent to the lead email on your Demosphere account every morning of practice at 5 am. All you will need to do is to open the survey and complete the form. If you cannot find the form, the link is HERE.


Before Travelling to the Field:

·       All players showing any symptoms will be asked to stay at home.

·       By 5 am every practice day, UDFC will send out an automated email with a link to the Attestation Form.

·       Players will need to follow the link, add their name, guardian’s name and location.

·       Players will need to complete the Attestation Form at home BEFORE 4 pm on the day of the practice.

o   Staff at the office will be updating the Sign In/Sign Out sheet at 4 pm

o   Those who have completed the form are free to play.

o   Those who have not completed the form will not be permitted entry.


At the Field:

·       Players that have not completed the Attestation Form will NOT be allowed entry to the field. However, it is possible, although not encouraged, to complete at the field.    Players must exit the line to the side, to allow the rest of the team to enter. Then, the Field Monitor can witness the completion of the form.


Field Entry/Exit Protocol

·       Parking Lot & Travel to Field 

o   Players must be fully dressed and ready to go before arrival to the field. This includes shin pads, cleats and soccer clothing. Time is tight, and players getting ready will take away valuable practice time. 

o   Parents/guardians must park in the parking lot to drop off their player. 

o   Parents are not allowed to enter the field or spectate. This is a rule set by the facilities (East Coast Varsity & Soccer Nova Scotia).

o   Please make sure you arrive in your allotted arrival time, as per your schedule. Do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior to your practice time.  You will not be permitted to enter the building before this.

·       Socially distanced line up to entry on exterior and inside when waiting to sign in.

·       Masks must be worn on entry and exit from the field of play.  Masks not required during training or games. 

·       Entry Gate 

o   Players will wait on the sidelines and cannot start their entry to the field until the previous team has left the field entirely and are asked to do so by the field monitor/team parent.

o   Players must clean their hands with hand sanitizer, which will be provided at the building entrance.

o   A staff member will complete the Sign In/Out Form on their tablet. 

·       Player Name 

·       Sign In/Out Time 

·       Confirmation of completed Attestation Form 

·       Once again, those players without completed Attestation Forms will NOT be allowed entry.

o   Players will be told which area of the field they are playing. 

·       Moving halves 

o   Players must NOT cross the into another team’s playing area at any point.

·       Session End 

o   Players are to collect their personal equipment. 

o   Players must wait until their group is called.

o   Once called, the players will exit their field of play as directed to the exit area.

·       Exit Area 

o   Players will not have time to change or gather in groups. We have a limited amount of time to have the players exit, and the next group to enter the field.

o   Players must exit the place that they entered. They will follow the same protocol as entry but in reverse, including a socially distanced line-up to leave.

o   A staff member will complete a Sign-Out Forms players are leaving the field.


Field Maps


 Follow these links to find 3 Field Maps for Soccer Nova Scotia (2 Fields) & East Coast Varsity.

o   These are the only 3 fields that UDFC will be using this Fall

o   Included on the maps are:

·       The entrance/exit door

·       The sign-in/out area

·       Where the players socially distanced line ups will be

·       The direction of travel.


We understand that this is a lot of information; however, it is important for the wellbeing of our players, coaches, and staff. In saying this, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. For program, coach, field or health questions, please contact Adam Miller at For registration questions, please contact Deborah Mert at and for other questions, please contact Rob Gillis at We look forward to continuing with our safe, fun-filled atmosphere for the players.


Thank you and see you on the field!

United DFC