Become A Legend - Original

Missing soccer? Need a challenge? Think you have all the skills? Can you Become A Legend? 

How it works

1. Choose a category.

Below you will see 3 different Categories, each has been broken down into specific challenges with varying levels. 

  • Overall Challenge (Juggling, Skills or Accuracy)
  • Challenge - Individual challenges (eg. Juggling - Whole Body)
  • Levels - The levels in a challenge (Graduate in Juggling - Whole Body)

2. Video yourself competing the level, post to social media and tag United DFC.

To share your progress, please video yourself completing one of the skills at your highest level. Upload to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tag United DFC & Adam Miller. If you are not allowed to post or are uncomfortable posting on social media, please email your short video so our Director of Soccer, Adam Miller can see your progress.

Twitter - Tag @UnitedDFC & @UDFCTechDep
Instagram - Tag @unitedDFC & @admiller22
Facebook- Tag @uniteddfc & @susanmarshallsteele

3. At some point in the future we may add points, tracking and prizes for UDFC members. At this time, just work on your skils and see if you can Become A Legend.

Juggling Challenge

Juggling - Whole Body -

Juggling - Head Only -

Juggling - Distance -

Juggling - Tennis Ball -


Skill Challenge


Original Around the World -

Around the World -

Headstall -

Knee Catch -

Shoulder Roll -

Rainbow -

Accuracy Challenge

Please do not attempt these in groups! Please follow Government guidelines (Stay home/ social distancing) and be safe!*

Driving Range -

Crossbar Challenge -

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