United DFC Update on Programs - March 29, 2020

Board & Staff Update

Dear United DFC Families:


We have received a number of questions over the last couple of weeks regarding the summer programs.  We also realize that there is great uncertainty in our communities right now and that people are uneasy about their personal and financial situations. With this communication, it is hoped that we provide some clarity on what is happening at UDFC and procedures for you to follow for the various requests. We also realize that when these isolation measures have ended, UDFC needs to be prepared to offer the soccer opportunities expected by you, your children and us all. Hopefully that will be soon, but in the meantime, follow all the health and isolation measures recommended and we will ge through this TOGETHER.  

Summer Programming


As indicated in Soccer Nova Scotia’s March 26th update, United DFC as well as other clubs are working with Soccer Nova Scotia on contingency plans based on milestone start dates with possible program descriptions.  Together we are considering three possible start dates - 1st of May, June, and July as for the NSSL, MSMSL and MSWSL leagues to begin. We are also exploring internally what an August 1st start date would look like for our programs.  We are reviewing our UDFC Mini and U10 Community programs for those same milestones.  


What does this mean?  UDFC is still proceeding with summer planning initiatives so that we are prepared for you, our members, to seamlessly transition into your soccer programs, when we are able.  





With summer program planning still underway, registration is also open and available for our members.  Appreciating that many of our families are under financial pressures, if you do intend to play summer soccer when it opens, we encourage you to register and select cash/cheque payments as your method of payment.  If this is selected, you will not be required to make a payment until the program is open. Depending on when the program is opened and its duration, you may be required to pay in full at that time. Alternatively you can select credit card/debit visa online for full payment or payment via installments*. 


*NOTE: In our current situation, any new Online Registration payments made after March 31st will be subject to the Credit only option below. United DFC’s refund policy has been revised to reflect this change. 



Installment Payments


For those families that selected payments via installments on credit or debit visa cards, we will be suspending any April and subsequent installments to ease the burden on those families until July.  This includes those families enrolled in the current Nov-19 to Oct-20 AAA Program. We’ve arbitrarily selected July, as we feel we will be in a position to know the plan moving forward before then. When Summer and the AAA programming returns, the payment installments will be adjusted to fit your situation and the program, utilizing one of the below scenarios:

  • Adjustment of the installments forward or backward from July with the same installments over the same number of months;
  • Adjustment of the installments period forward or backward from July and an increase to the amount to have higher payments over a shorter period; 
  • No more payments required because you’ve paid the required amount for the adjusted program; or 
  • An immediate payment in full for the amount required.  


If you would like to continue with the installments as you had originally scheduled, please contact the office at info@udfc.ca and we will revert back to the previous dates. Review the information on refunds and credit options below.  


Refunds / Credits


We will be suspending the processing of any refunds until at least April 15th unless noted below.  However, if a family requires the refund and is not in a position to wait, please email us with the request and we will process.  


United DFC are offering the two options below to families and are encouraging families to consider Option 2 (Credit) as their preferred method of processing:



UDFC will provide a refund for the portion of the respective program that was not provided in whole or in part less any processing and administration fees incurred for payments received online.  Processing and administration fees incurred are not recoverable by either the member or UDFC.   Processing and administration fees being charged including transaction fees is 10%.  Examples: 

Full Program Cancelled

  1. Paid $200. Refund will be $200-10%= $180

Duration of Program Reduced

  1. Paid $200. Was provided with $100 worth of programming (Coaches, Fields, Staff, Etc.) Refund will be $100-10%= $90
  2. Paid $100 of $200.  Was provided with $100 worth of programming.  Refund would be $0.  
  3. Paid $50 of $200.  Was provided with $100 worth of programming.  Family responsible for paying UDFC an additional $50.  

Online refunds may take up to 20 days to process and be deposited in your account.



UDFC will calculate your refund per the above but will provide a credit for a future registration or program without a deduction of the 10% processing and administration fee.  Credits can be applied to future registrations (Winter 2020, Summer 2021), UDFC hosted camps, Small Group Training or items in the UDFC Store.  Examples:

Full Program Cancelled

  1. Paid $200. Credit for future registration will be $200

Duration of Program Reduced

  1. Paid $200. Was provided with $100 worth of programming (Coaches, Fields, Staff, Etc.) Credit will be $100
  2. Paid $100 of $200.  Was provided with $100 worth of programming.  Credit would be $0.
  3. Paid $50 of $200.  Was provided with $100 worth of programming.  Family responsible for paying UDFC an additional $50.


At this stage, it should be mentioned that there may be costs incurred for the program that neither the member nor the club were able to take advantage of, that the club may be obligated to pay based on a contract. We are working with these vendors to determine the actual financial impact to both parties and if reimbursement via various Federal and Provincial programs will be available and possible.  These results will impact the refund or credit provided.   


Mini Spring Season


The Mini Spring season is cancelled and we will be offering refunds or credits as stipulated above.  Please contact the club via info@udfc.ca