Summer 2020 Covid -19 Return to Play Programs

Updated August 21, 2020


NOTE: As of Monday, August 22 - All Monday- Friday session will start 15 minutes earlier due to the sunset time (5:45 and 7:15 pm)

Highlights- Cycle 2

Registration will be open from 4pm Aug 21 until Midnight on Sunday, Aug 23rd. 

If the session you are looking for does not show up in the drop-down menu of registration that means all the spaces have been filled. If you interested in registering outside your age group please contact Adam Miller @

The following sessions have openings:


  • U9 Boys - Karen Decker - Astral - 6pm - Monday
  • U11 Boys - Amelia Bruce - Portland Estates - 6pm - Monday
  • U11 Boys - Mark Harley - Cole Harbour High - 6pm - Tuesday
  • U11 Boys - Amelia Bruce - Astral - 730pm - Wednesday
  • U15 Boys - Conrad Bissett - Astral - 6pm - Monday
  • U15/U18 Boys - John Zorychta -  Cole Harbour High - 730pm - Monday


  • U8 Girls - Ana Lucas - Cole Harbour High - 6pm - Wednesday
  • U11 Girls - Amelia Bruce - MicMac - 6pm - Friday
  • U11 Girls - John MacPherson - Cole Harbour High - 6pm - Tuesday
  • U13 Girls - Eric Holman - Astral - 6pm - Tuesday
  • U18 Girls - Angela Pettipas - Cole Harbour High - 730pm - Tuesday
  • U18 Girls - Scott Collens - Oceanview - 6pm - Thursday
  • 4 week cycle runs from Monday, August 17- September 13
  • Now offering programs for U8 players (born 2012) 
  • Senior programs now available - email for information and to register. All levels welcome.
  • Players choose their own sessions from the options on the schedule below (Choose up to 3 sessions per week)
  • Cost is $13.50 per session and players sign up for a 4 week block. 
  • Space is limited. Registration is first come first serve, and a maximum of 9 players per practice.
  • Existing credits can be applied to registration costs
  • An email with program information, including player training, field maps and all other important items, will be sent out on August 7th
  • The UDFC Store is open to purchase training clothing and other UDFC clothing/swag. Visit:
  • Mini Soccer (Ages 3-8) will be offered as a FREE at home virtual program which families can particiapte in at home. Click HERE for details.

Register for Return To Play


UDFC Summer 2020 Cycle #2 Schedule 

UDFC Summer 2020 Schedule

On this schedule you will find a coach, time, day, location & style (the styles are only for U12 and older. U9-U11 all have a skills center style session).
  • Style A - Scrimmage only
  • Style B - Fun soccer games & scrimmages
  • Style C - Developmental focus
  • Style D - Intense developmental focus
You will be able to pick up to 3 of the available practices. Make sure you know which style is your preferred before registering. The schedule was built based on demand from the member survey.
Mini Soccer (Ages 3-8) will be offered as a FREE at home virtual program which families can particiapte in at home.
For Senior Soccer - please email Adam Miller at for information and to register.

Registration- Cycle 2

We are happy to announce that United DFC’s Summer 2020 registration will open at 5pm on August 7th on our website. Register here

Registration for the Summer 2020 programs will be very similar to a normal season You will go to our Demosphere page on our website and register as per usual. Any credits you family has should show up in Demosphere.

As part of your registration, you will choose either 1,2 or 3 practices per week. Above, we have included a summer practice schedule which included the location, time, coach and style of practice. These will be included in drop down menus during registration. The number of practices & their styles were selected based on your feedback from the member surveys.



Each practice is limited to a maximum of 9 players and is on a first come, first serve basis.So make sure you register as soon as possible to get the spots you want. If there is a large demand for a particular style of session and we are full, we will try to be flexible and add more. However, this may not be possible in some cases. There must be 7 players registered for a session to run. If there are less than that we will look to combine groups or may cancel that group (with a refund).

For the summer 2020, UDFC we will not be accepting in-person registration. So you will need to register through your Demosphere account using the link above. If you have issues, please call the office at 902-404-8332.
Players who owe fees from a previous season must pay those outstanding fees before they will be able to register for the current season. If you have questions or concerns about previous season payments, please contact Deborah Mert at
As part of the registration process, parents or guardians must complete the COVID-19 liability waiver. This will be a part of the registration form.
You will be required to enter your child's health card number.

Registration for our Summer 2020 Cycle #2 program will close at 12 noon on Thursday, August  12


The club has worked very hard to try to bring the cost per session down as much as possible. There are a number of factors that have needed to be considered, but we are happy to announce that our fees will be $13.50 per session for the first 4 week cycle.
When you choose the number of sessions you want per week, these sessions will include all 4 weeks of the first cycle. So if you pick two sessions per week, then you will be paying for 8 in total (2 sessions per week x 4 weeks)
  • 1 Session Per Week - 13.50 x 1 (session per week) x 4 (number of weeks) = $54 total
  • 2 Sessions Per Week - 13.50 x 2 (sessions per week) x 4 (number of weeks) = $108 total
  • 3 Sessions Per Week- 13.50 x 3 (sessions per week) x 4 (number of weeks) = $162 total

Due to the costs of getting the programs up and running, the fees are non-refundable. Rained out sessions will be replaced with an online virtual session in which players can participate at home.


Start & Scheduling

We will be starting practices the week of August 17th, with that Monday being the first day.
We have all the schedules created to help you make your decisions. Please see the link above.


Parent Information & Player Training

An email will be sent out to all registered members on Thursday, August 13th. This email will include all the information needed for the parent to know what to do at the fields and explain how the players to do their training. For entry to the field On practice day, it is essential this email is read and followed. Players will not be given access to the field if they have not completed their training. If a players has already taken the training (video + quiz) they will not need to complete it again for Cycle #2.


Attestation & Sign In

There will be a daily attestation that will need to be completed before every practice. The form can be completed at home at any point during the day of the practice. If you forget, then it can be completed at the field as long as it is witnessed by a Summer Staff. However, you will need to wait until the end of Sign In process. All players U13 or younger will need a parent in attendance for the submission to be accepted. 
The email sent on August 13th will explaining both of these processes in full.


Field Rules & Accessibility

UDFC has strict Covid-19 protocols that will be adhered to by the club staff, coaches and players. Parents and players will receive all of this information, including entry and exit guidlines, protocols and processes in an email that will be sent on August 13th. Parents, guardians, siblings or players who are not registered, will not be permitted to enter the field for training sessions.
If you have any questions about the health plan, the programs, coaches or technical, please send them to Adam Miller sat If you have questions about pricing, please contact Rob Gillis at and if you have questions about payments, please contact Deborah Mert at
Thank you and we will see you on the field!
United DFC

UDFC Store

The UDFC store is open for online orders. You can pick up socks, shorts, training shirts and other great UDFC gear by visiting  Orders can be picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Become A Legend At Home Program - FREE at home skill development program for all level players

Stay at Home Weekly Challenges 

This program has ended, but the challenges are still up and can be enjoyed at home. Click HERE for more details on this simple weekly program for players of all ages and stages. 

Full "Become A Legend" Program 

(There are no prizes at this point - but amazing challenges to increase your soccer skills, knowledge and have a little fun).

Click HERE for Part 1 - The Original Become a Legend Challenges

Click HERE for Part 2 - Legendary Goal Recreation Challenge

Click HERE for Part 3 - Soccer Smarts - Individual 

Click HERE for Part 4 - Soccer Games at Home

Social Media

To keep our membership active, informed and engaged we continue to post on our social media accounts. Please follow us on your platform of choice and like/share our posts to increase our social media presence. To further engage our youth members we have created a TikTok account. 

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If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to update you on the current situation and our current plan at any time.  Contacts for questions related to the below topics: 

Registration:     E-Mail Deborah Mert at and copy

Programming:     E-Mail Adam Miller at 

Governance:    E-Mail Rob Gillis at 

We really appreciate your flexibility in this difficult time, and we thank you for your patience.  

We are in this TOGETHER!


UDFC Board & Staff