Soccer Nova Scotia Annoucement

COVID-19 Contingency Planning

Soccer Nova Scotia Annoucement

March 26, 2020 

To our Soccer Nova Scotia Family and Friends, 

Soccer Nova Scotia, Clubs, Districts and Leagues continue to review the impact to our upcoming summer programming. During this time of uncertainty your health and the health and safety of our soccer community is our first priority. We want to connect with our greater membership and show respect for all of our community members by acknowledging the ever-reaching socio-cultural and economic impact that COVID-19 is currently having across all populations of our Soccer Nova Scotia community. 

Regarding the current and upcoming soccer season, we have adjusted our schedules and are shifting timelines forward so you can concentrate on your families. In the interim we have created contingency plans that include fluid, adaptable and flexible timelines with the input and feedback from your Clubs, Districts and Leagues. These timelines include but are not limited to player registration, league start dates, coaching and referee courses. These plans include three possible return to soccer activity start dates; May 1st, June 1st and July 1st. We will continue to work with our members, Canada Soccer and the Province, to provide you with the most up-to-date information when available. 

In the interim, we cannot stress enough the need to follow the advice of the health professionals in our communities and the federal mandate to maintain social distancing and self-isolation. We also want to take this time to offer all of our frontline workers the greatest thanks in their effort to flatten the curve. 

Soccer Nova Scotia, Clubs, Districts and Leagues are working behind the scenes to make the return to play transition as seamless as possible for you and your families, once it becomes safe to participate in recreational and team activities again. Please look to your local club for registration needs and advice on your upcoming season. We look forward to seeing you all on the pitch. 

Yours in safety and health, 

Soccer Nova Scotia, Clubs, Districts and Leagues 


Brad Lawlor Executive Director Soccer Nova Scotia

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