How to communicate with the club

United DFC is a community based club. We have lots of volunteers, coaches, team staff, players, parents, staff and board members. We recognize that it can be daunting to try and communicate. We want everyone to have a voice and more importantly to have their voice be heard. 

To help manage this process we have established a clear line of communications for the club. As a player or a parent we ask that you first communicate with your coach and/or manager about any issues or concerns that you may have. If the coach is unable to answer your question or resolve your concerns then you or the coach may ask the technical staff to join the conversation. If the technical staff cannot answer the question or resolve this issue they will ask the Executive Director to step in. 

The last and final step would be for the Executive Director to address the board if the issue is unable to be resolved. 

For day to day or operational questions or concerns you can consult the website at or call the office at 902-404-8332 (UDFC) or email and we will direct your question to the appropriate staff member.